A WIP 3D platforming adventure about a mailman delivering the last mail in a doomed, surreal world.

This was a 3rd Place Division Finalist at the 2020 MassDiGI Game Challenge.

[A screenshot showing the protagonist and the Anchorbeast, a ship-like creature.]
[A closeup of the Anchorbeast, seen from below.]

Developed: December 2019 - Present
Team: Joseph Henry Stadolnik IV

The End of the World - This game will center around the story of a mailman in a doomed surreal world, who must complete the remaining deliveries before an apocalyptic entity descends and destroys everything they know. The narrative will focus on the ways different characters cope with the end of the world and how they and the protagonist support each other.
A Mailman's Tool - The protagonist's main tool is their mailbag, which in addition to its conventional role of carrying mail can also be used like a parachute to glide and to carry a range of unconventional objects, such as certain sounds. These unusual objects can have added effects when carried like changing the character's weight or changing what objects they can interact with. Others have special uses, such as sounds being able to activate special switches or used to teach a character notes.
A Distinctive Style - Aesthetically, the game will have a distinctive blend of 2D sprite characters and 3D low-poly environments with pixel art textures.

My Role:
This is an ongoing solo project currently still in the early stages of development.
My main achievements on this project include:

Other Notes:
Project Mailfolk is a working title, and does not reflect the final title of this game.

3rd Place Division Finalist - 2020 MassDiGI Game Challenge