A text-based Twine game about confronting your imagination in a basement.


Developed: February 2020 - March 2020
Team: Joseph Henry Stadolnik IV

This game tells the story of a person going down into their family's basement to obtain tissues, a simple task which becomes complicated by their overactive imagination, paranoia, and anxiety.
There are 3 possible endings, the best of which can only be achieved by confronting all of the protagonist's fears instead of fleeing or ignoring them.
The game aims to use the capabilities of Twine to heighten the impact of the narrative and allow the player's physical experiences to mirror those of the protagonist.

My Role:
I made the entirety of this game by myself over the course of February 2020 through the start of March 2020.
My achievements on this project include:

Other Notes:
This game was made for HU 3900 Shells, Wire, Twine: Innovative Narrative Technique, a course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.