[A portrait of me with some of my pixel art.]

Though the mediums have varied, I've been making stuff for as long as I can remember. With games, I started at about age 6 or 7 with the program Microworlds Jr. I soon moved on to GameMaker, and have since begun branching out into other engines as well. It wasn't until June 2017, however, that I first publicly released a game: Messages. Since then, I've made a plethora of small video games over periods ranging from a month and a half to just 24 hours.

Why I Make Games

I make games because I want to make interesting experiences. I love building worlds and I'm the most at home when I'm buried deep in a creative project. I personally love playing games that are inventive, create a strong feeling or atmosphere, and/or tell a good story, and I hope my own games share these qualities.

My Art

My biggest hobby is making pixel art, which I've been doing daily since February 2018. I started dabbling in pixel art years ago by creating assets for my games, but these days I also actively make it outside of game projects. I've also dabbled in voxel art, primarily making cosmetic mods for an MMO called Trove.

My Name

Although my first name is technically Joseph, I go by my middle name, Henry.
Jusiv, my online handle and this site's name, is simply what it sounds like if you read my initials as a word.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Double Major in Computer Science and in Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD)
Class of 2021

Activities and Involvement

Vice President, WPI Game Development Club Developers (December 2018 - Present)
PAX East 2019, showcasing games at WPI's IMGD Booth
TouchTomorrow 2018, showcasing several of my games at WPI
PAX East 2018, showcasing games at WPI's IMGD Booth

Contact and Other Info

Email: jhstadolnik@wpi.edu
LinkedIn: jhsiv
Twitter: @Jusiv_
PICO-8: @Jusiv
itch.io: Jusiv


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